Key Tracking Device

Gravity set1
Gravity Digital Tracking Device
Gravity doesn’t find access cards/keys, because they are never lost in the first place.  Gravity tethers your cards/keys by using an electronic signal that works as a 5-7 step, mobile barrier around the worker.  Upon breaching this radius, Gravity’s unique alarm, vibration and strobe light are triggered.  The user quickly retraces steps to recover the Key unit, catastrophe avoided!

  • Gravity consists of two units that are holstered together
  • The Belt Unit is affixed to the user’s belt via a strong metal belt clip
  • The Key Unit is holstered to the Belt unit via a dual action release
  • Master keys and cards are attached to the Key Unit via any standard key ring (tamper proof is best)
  • To release keys, the user simply presses a button and lifts the Key Unit up and out from the Belt Unit
  • Upon release, Gravity activates. The Key Unit flashes one time, indicating that it is now in radio contact with the Belt Unit.
  • So long as the Belt Unit and Key Unit remain within range, no alarm will sound
  • In the event that keys are left behind (5-7 steps), the radio signal strength drops to a certain level which activates a three-way separation alarm. The Belt Unit vibrates and chirps. The Key Unit flashes an LED strobe and sounds an 85 db alarm.
  • Gravity continues to alarm until the Key Unit is re-holstered to the Belt Unit
  • Gravity’s simple but powerful technology virtually eliminates the risk of losing master keys or access cards